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I have never seen a work or money problem that didn’t turn out to be a thinking problem. I used to believe that I needed money to be happy. Even when I had a lot, I was often sick with the fear that something terrible would happen and I would lose it. I realize now that no amount of money is worth that kind of stress. If you live with the thought “I need my money to be safe and secured,” you’re living in a hopeless state of mind. Some people believe that fear and stress are what motivates them to make money. But can you be absolutely certain that without fear or stress as motivator, you wouldn’t have made the same money, or even more? Who would you be if you never believed that you needed fear and stress for motivation?
After I found myself, I noticed that I always had the perfect amount of money for me right now. Even when I had little or none, a clear and sane mind knows how to live, how to work, what phone calls to make, and what to do to create what it wants without fear.
For some of us, life is controlled by our thoughts about work and money. But if our thinking is clear, how could work or money be the problem? Our thinking is all we need to change. It’s all we can change. Money for us is motivated by desire for success. But what is success? What do we want to achieve?
What are your dreams in your new country? Why did you come here?
I’m an economist and have mostly devoted my time to the private economy and people’s behaviors around the economy. You may have heard of IGITEGO, where we help immigrants get on track and a have a better life in their new country in Sweden.
I come from another country where developing an economy was not necessary, and many have no idea what it’s all about. For many, “the economy” = money. When you ask them the price of their goods, the answer will be, “How much do you want to pay?” They don’t understand the value of their products or the hard work that they have invested in them.
When my daughter was born, for the first time I began to think about economic stability and security of the future for her, and what values were vital for me to pass on to her. During long stroller walks, I boiled down my thoughts about the meaning of life for me right now and how I could influence the future and create the best conditions possible for my family.
Every person in the world, no matter where they were born, wants a better life for themselves and their family. But how many people manage to do that? How many live the life they had dreamed about?
Do you wonder where your money goes? Do you feel that sometimes you have plenty of money, but just a few weeks later you feel impoverished?
The economy depends, undeniably, on a connection with life in general. The economic choices that we consider at any given moment also affect the whole family’s plans, dreams, and needs. How do we ensure that there will be choices that give good impressions? I would say that each person can improve their financial habits and create the economic conditions that they want. This requires time, a dose of awareness, and hard work. It’s about being motivated enough and each month, saving away a certain amount of money and then investing it wisely. It’s not so easy. I promise! Just as it takes time to build a career and a professional life, it takes time to create good economic conditions. Of course, it’s best if you start early, but it’s better to start later than never.

I wrote this bloggbecause I wanted to share my experiences and I wanted to show how to break unhelpful habits and ways of thinking, and thus create a better life. Money and wealth are obviously not the goal in itself, but the opportunities they provide to dispose and manage more things at the same time and get time for doing what you want.
We all like money, who doesn’t? Money is good. But it’s there to be used and to make your life and other people’s lives better. If you’ve just arrived in Sweden like me or in another country for a better life for yourself or family, then money is something you have to have control over. Take advantage of the money, and your life will be more fun, more enjoyable, more convenient and more meaningful. It does not matter how much or how little money you have. You can always distribute it smartly.
To economize means to make decisions. Not just money, but also your precious time and your dreams, which can also be said to be part of your personal finance. Those are resources, too. You may prefer to play with your children, sit in a sauna or drink with some good friends, see Chinese theater travel to your home country, try a beautiful dress, or buy a nice car.
Economy is about getting value out of money; putting it in the right things and making it grow. By doing so, you set the stage for engaging the right things in life, what you want and dream about.To achieve your goals, you will likely need to spend your money a little more carefully than you are already doing. There are many who like to snatch your money from you. Don’t let your money just drain away. Get yourself a money tracker instead.

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