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There is a growing fear about the trouble the coronavirus has or will cause worldwide and the same time there’s still so much we don’t know about the virus which makes us extremely uncertain about the future of our survival.
But reading newspaper and listening to the radio, I constantly receive negative information about the coronavirus! Well! Does the virus have a good side? Please guys comment here Only the good side of Coronavirus! Let us break this negative FEAR trend that it is trying to inject into our lives.
Here is some of my list, please add more:
1. The world has become smaller! Now we know that if something happens in China or in Italy it will affect all us. We are interconnected in many ways and depend on one another!
2. My family and my home are important maybe the most important of everything!
3. Even when we don’t like our government or their policies, but there is a time we must trust them without questioning. In a special crisis time like this, we need to show solidarity and respect our leaders so that they can focus on the issue.
4. Authoritarian system is not that bad as we think! Sometime people need to have a such system in place so that they can focus on the same goal as a nation.
5. We are all human and life on this planet is very short. We can not take it for granted.
6. Learning new ways of living and doing things. Who could have predicted that in 2020, the majority of the workers will be working from their homes or studying online?

7. Digital world and services are here to stay and make our life much easier!
8. Life is not only about job and money. The future of our lives will be formulated on 3 elements, Health, wealth and worth as it is described in the book called “The happiness Triangle” ( can be found on amazon)
9. We can live in a society without cash! The cashless society is going to expand faster than we thought that it would around the world.
10. Taking responsibility of your life and actions will be one of the cornerstones of future generations to come.
11. Now we know that we can change! Climate could be one of the winners from the coronavirus situation.
12. New inventions and preparations for future pandemic will be created.
13. Cooperation and partnership between nations will be vital to the future generations on our planet. I do even think that Capitalism, socialism will be replaced with something called “Partnerlism” where we will no longer pay less or cheap someone to do the job. Instead we will create some partnership so that he or she can benefit in the long run. This will be also done on nation level without hidden agenda.

14. People will learn more about Empathy! Helping others and giving services for free or exchanging services will increase in the coming years. People will use more their hearts than the brain.
15. My projection is that when the coronavirus will be over! People will be less sick because the hygiene standard and precautions that they have included in their daily lives worldwide. Thus less medication and hospitals will be used in the coming years.

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