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As an economist, I like to look into this aspect as much as I can. Have you ever thought about the cost of being sick? What does it cost you? Think about it. It’s really a huge amount of money that you’re just giving away to the medical industry.
What if you could live a life without getting sick? Is that possible? I realize this sounds incredible, so let me formulate myself in another way. Why do you work or make money? For what reasons? Some people will say, to have a better life, to give my family a comfortable life, or something similar. But no matter what reason you give, you’re working and making money to keep yourself alive (in other words, healthy) or to help keep others alive.
Now, don’t you think that I am giving you a secret here? I was so happy to stumble on this concept and realize that everything I had been doing was about keeping myself healthy. It took me fortyyears to come to this final lesson. Many people die without even realizing that this is what they were meant to do in life.
I am grateful to have witnessed two major life events. One was when my daughter was born and the other was when my mother passed away. Those events left me in a complete state of shock; they’re lessons that not many people really talk about.
When my daughter was still in the womb, I had a serious question about how a baby could breathe in that kind of environment. I asked around, but no one knew the answer. So I went to read on the internet. As it turns out, a fetus doesn’t breathe the way we do in this world. On the day of birth, it was so difficult for her and her mother. When it happened, all in a very short moment, it was like a miracle.
Many people don’t get to experience how the universe gives a life to a new baby. This is via oxygen. One of the keys of our life is the air that we breathe. It’s this air that connects us together, to nature and other animals. We all breathe the same air.
When my mother passed away, I was in the same room with her. She was breathing, and breathing, and suddenly she took her last breath and then it was over. The air that entered into her body when she was born left her and she left this world. What does this teach us, really?
Myself, after experiencing those events, I realized that my life cannot be left to luck and uncertainty. My life is incredibly precious. I had to do something different to get a different result. With so many people in this world, a certain percentage of them are going to lead wonderful lives, raise happy, healthy children, and live to be eighty or ninety years old. “Why can’t I be one of them? Does anyone have to give me that permission?” I asked myself. Since then, my primary goal has been to increase the likelihood that I’ll be one of those remarkable people who achieves greatness and makes a real difference with his life and in other people’s lives. This is very much in my own hands. Not in the hands of my doctor, wife, or children.
To realize my full potential, I had to free myself as much as possible from randomness and uncertainty. I had to learn the cause-and-effect relationships between what I wanted and how to get it. I had to take complete control over every part of my life and create my own health of future.

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